Problem with multiple overlapping triggered voice-overs

Jun 26, 2018


I have an issue with overlapping voice-overs, so maybe my question fits in here. I work with SL3

I have a slide with 4 Hotspots which trigger speech bubbles with information. The learner is supposed to find the hotspots to unveal the speech bubbles which show the text. This text is also read out to him / her. Enter problem.

If the learner now clicks too quickly on the hotspots the voice-over-channels overlap. Babylonic chaos. The order in which the hotspots are being clicked is random (and I want it that way)

To make things even more fun, there is a general voice-over in the slide which gives instructions what to do. This starts with the slide. Enter fifth audio-file

I know the trigger "Stop Media" which I could assign to all bubbles before triggering the correct audio file, but with 5 audio files overall, I would need 4 "Shut up!"-triggers per bubble because this trigger only stops a specific audio file (or does it?). Remember the time-order for clicking on the hotspots is supposed to be random.

Isn't there a more elegant solution to this? Like the secret "Shut up all"-trigger? :-)
That would save a LOT of dull work and chaos in the trigger panel because I have this kind of interaction A LOT in my project.

Thanks so much, I hope it is understandable. 


P. D. I have found several threads suggesting to put voiceovers on different layers but that does not really do what I am looking for because it hides the base layer and other layers.


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Johann Sening

Hi Felix,

I did not test this myself but maybe it will wor better if you make a trigger for every audio file which pauses the audio when the user clicks outside the hotspot.


You just have to find a way to continue your audiofile which starts with your slide (maybe ab play button?).

I hope this solution can help you.



Phil Mayor

It is probably easier to put the audio on a layer and to show the layer, you can set the layer not hide the base layer or other layers and could add triggers to ensure specific layers are not open, otherwise you will need to add triggers to stop each audio file.

It may work if you create a button set and add the audio into the selected state for each button.

Felix Franke

Hi Phil, thanks for your suggestion.

That was basically the solution I found in another thread, but want all bubbles to be shown after the learner clicks on the hotspots. I am not sure if that works with the audios being "hidden".

Thing is: I have a (possible) solution but that is sooo much work and makes the slides sooo complicated (and I am sooo lazy ;-) ).

I will definitely try the layer one again if Johann's way does not work. Just building it atm. 

Felix Franke

Johann, you are officially my hero.

Your suggestion worked nicely, I now have  these triggers on each of the Hotspots:

  • start respective audio file
  • open the respective speech bubble
  • stop the voiceover if user clicks outside the respective hotspot

In addition I put a trigger on a shape off the slide to stop the introductory voiceover (which automatically starts with the slide) when user clicks outside the shape (so anywhere on the slide).
All speech bubbles stay visible (normal state) and when all bubbes are "normal", the "continue"-button shows up.

Nice, works just like I wanted and with many less triggers than my original concept. Maybe this helps someone else so I have put my solution here. Any questions, feel free to ask.

Thanks everyone who contributed!

Joel K.

Glad that worked. I was going to suggest making the change in the state of the bubble. I did this for a button/image where the “selected” state showed the text I wanted to remain on the screen. The trigger for the button/ shape was to show an audio only layer. Might have to adjust the setting of the audio layer to show base layers, but just another idea.

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