Procedural elearning - need design ideas, please!

Oct 15, 2014

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone had ideas as to how to turn SOP/procedure based documents into an engaging and interactive elearning?  I'm having massive brain drain and keep staring at these very dry, boring procedure based information.  I feel sorry for the audience since all they've been doing in the past is "Read and Understand" - yuck.  Definitely want to give them a better experience.

If anyone has any ideas or even better, a template design that they're willing to share, I would be forever grateful.



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tracey bennett

Hi Matt,

Thanks for your response.  For company confidentiality, I can't share the information but it's a standard QA regulation with a few procedural changes - the target audience is global and yes, they are already familiar with the procedure - the elearning is simply information based so I don't want to overthink it.  My deadline is two weeks with no room to budge so I can't develop anything complex or fancy.  Not my style to do an information dump but again, not enought time to be really creative.

@Chris - I like the idea of adding characters - I've done this in previous elearnings and they have been well received.  Audience is pretty conservative so I don't think gamification will work (plus, I don't have time).

Many thanks again for all your help.

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