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Dec 11, 2017

Hi Everyone,

I'm newer to Storyline 360, and I'm diving deep into the realm of variables and conditions in relation to progress bars. I found some really neat demos and downloads in the community here already, but I want to really understand how to do this myself.

A neat feature I found on an online tutorial was to show incrementing numbers of a quiz score on a results slide by creating a new variable and tying it to an animation loop to make the results number increase to the passing score. Here's the link to that video.

My question to you all is this: let's say I have multiple quiz questions, and I want to show my learner a progress bar that increases in response to number correct and decreases in response to number incorrect (either visually, like a dial / slider, or numerically like in the video). Is it possible to tie the score points variable of the results slide to this? How would this work? I'd love your help and possibly a bit of a tutorial on how to go about that process.

Thanks so much!!!

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Nicole Legault

Hi Andrew, 

Yes it is possible. You'll notice when you insert a Graded Results slide into your Storyline file that Storyline will automatically create 4 variables, including one called "Results.ScorePoints". You can use this variable throughout your project to increase/decrease points earned, and then that variable will be passed along to your LMS as the learners final score/result in points. 

I've attached an example file of a Jeopardy quiz game I created that uses the Results.ScorePoints variable to tally up points as you answer questions, and then it also shows the final amount of points on the Results slide when you've gone through all the questions.

I think the key to achieve what you want (if I understand your request correctly) is to use the points variable generated by the Results slide.

Hope this helps!

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