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I am a new member to the E-learning Heroes forum. I am researching collaboration tools for a newbie learning designer and wanted to ask your opinion on which one you feel was the most bang for your buck. Ideally, looking for a free tool even if it has minimal features. I have found Zoho and Red Stamp but wanted to know if you have others  ou prefer?



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Steve Flowers

ActiveCollab is a little like Basecamp. Any of these tools can work if everyone on the team is committed to them. I've used an Excel spreadsheet to articulate and track schedule. A Google Spreadsheet is pretty snazzy for tracking both schedule and defects.

I've recently started playing with Realtimeboard for project planning. Someone mentioned it in another thread. I really like it so far. Though I think I could do similar with a Google Presentation or Drawing. Still neat to use with some great tools. 

Steve Flowers

I've also had some success with Trac from edgewall. It's free but requires some tech-fu to configure your own server. It's made for software development but can work for other things. It integrates with source control, so for lots of moving parts, it works pretty well.

Downsides to this one:

  • You need a server / server admin with some configuration chops
  • It's made for techies. So if anyone on the team isn't comfortable, it's nearly useless
Jennifer Mark

I like Replicon for project management. The reason behind mine liking the tool is that its hassle free in experience and manage the projects subdividing into small small tasks and assign it to the team members working for it. In such a situation what happens is the work is done up with more accuracy and specific. The tool basically is based on a cloud based platform and the user friendliness of the same in terms of the navigation and usability makes it a useful tool for me.