Publish to Word - some quiz questions not marked correctly.

Mar 06, 2017

When publishing to a word document, occasionally my quiz questions will show the correct answer chosen in the question image, but the table under the image does not show the correct answer chosen. Has anyone seen this and if so, is there a fix? I thought it might have something to do with shuffling the answers but it is inconsistent with my tests. 

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Peggy Spicer

Please see attached for course file.

Also included is the word document - see red box around problem quiz questions.

1. image of question - correct answer is chosen.

2. table under image shows correct answer and/or other options marked as correct.

The electronic version publishes and works as it should on our LRC.
We are just trying to figure out why our word documents have random errors on the quiz questions.

Thank you for your help,
Peggy Spicer
COUNTRY Financial

Trina Rimmer

Hi Peggy. It looks like you may have replied to my comment via email? The attachment you've provided isn't coming through for me. Could I ask you to follow this link to open a support ticket with us? By following that link, you'll see the option to "Add Attachment" which will allow you to attach the  .story file in question. Thanks!

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