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Mar 14, 2018

Hello E-Learning Heroes.

I've got a question on an interaction I built (a puzzle).  There are some odd mechanics going on - when you click a piece of the puzzle, and try to drag it onto the board, it jumps off to the right making manipulating it difficult.

I was hoping that someone could take a look and give me some help on resolving that issue.

File attached

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Alexander Salas

Hi Daniel, 

Nice puzzle! I think the issue that you are having has to do with the drag shapes being rotated. The fix is to save the shape fill images rotated and then fill them in. 

Other things to think about is this seems like a custom drag n' drop done by triggers. 

I added a second drag n drop done using Insert>Convert to Freeform> Drag n' Drop which would give you more control over the dragging and dropping behavior.

If I didn't get it, please attached an image illustrating the issue.

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