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Aug 10, 2020


I am trying to make a 4 part question, 4 slides each get a value of 2.5 . We have it set that each question is worth of now 10 points. Several of the questions are multiple hotspot slides. How do I make the 4 part question, each slide be 2.5?



Shari Ifrach

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Shari Ifrach

I can. I wanted to make each question 10 points. Some questions are a single slide and others are multiple slides. What I did to solve the problem was to make each question worth 12 points. So if the question had 2 slides then each questions is 6 points a piece. 

Here is a copy of what I did. I would really want the system to consider 100 points for the whole test and break down each question into correct number of points. 

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