Recommended E-Training Low-Cost System For Mid-Size Business?

Aug 10, 2016

Looking to develop an E-Learning System to train sales people that sell a product that also involves home installation.  Currently the company only puts new reps through a 2-week training course and leaves them with virtually no reference materials such as a product & installation reference manual, sales scripts/tips, online knowledge base, discussion forums.  We want to start it out as mainly a system for mentoring new sales people so good interactivity between mentor(teacher) and trainee is important.  Testing isn't something that is really a requirement. It would be super if there was also the ability to create learning wizards where the trainee could answer a series of questions that describe the particular sales+install situation they are dealing with and the system can then pull up one or more relevant knowledgebase articles or other reference materials.

It's a pretty small business with very limited budget.  This essentially would start out as a proof of concept to demonstrate to management to get more buy in and resources to develop further.

So essentially looking for something well suited to this application (eMentoring/eTraining for sales reps) that is either community/open source no-cost (we do have a guru web app developers available) or, a very flexible/configurable full-featured industry-leading solution that isn't expensive.  I would think in the first 6-months we might have 4 or 5 "trainees" and one mentor.  So if it's a user based fee, probably want something that is less than $25/user or not over $100 a month.


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Deepak G

Hi Jeff,

I must say, the way you have described your learning requirement is pretty comprehensive. It is really making it easy for others to help you out. In my experience, when it comes to defining learning system requirements, it is a difficult task and not many can do a fantastic job like you did! Awesome, man!

Now to your question. Given your requirement, I think QuoDeck is perfect for you!

1. QuoDeck has a content authoring tool which allows you to create content easily and quickly. Using readymade templates, you can create learning content and learning games easily.

2. Using QuoDeck you can create a MicroLMS for your sales team. This one has all basic features like user management, reporting, etc.

3. Your sales team can access this MicroLMS from their laptops as well as tabs and mobiles when they are not in office.

4. It is easy to set up and you don't need any tech support to do it. You can do it on your own. In case you need any assistance, you can always approach QuoDeck's support team.

5. It is perfect for SMEs and Small Teams who would like a simple and easy to use system

6. The most important one - It is FREE! It is launched recently, hence it is free for now. Even if they start charging in another 3-4 months, I don't think they would be expensive as they believe in the concept of Micro-learning. You can find out more about Micro-learning here -

Hope this helps!

Bob S


Just a thought.... A great many of your replies to threads steer folks towards a particular product/solution.  You may want to disclose the fact that you work for Ptotem, maker of the QuoDeck product you commonly recommend.  It may help folks put your answers in perspective amongst all the great advice offered on this forum.

Thanks for considering!

Bob S

Hi Jeff,

Great question and thanks for the details.  If you've got the tech savvy on staff (your web guru), open source can be great and low cost.   You probably know of Moodle, but if you can swing the slight budget bump, Docebo might be even better for some of the features you mention.  I wanna say about 200/month USD last I checked?

Bigger question....  Do you have content already that's created in standard e-learning formats?  If not, and you're planning on mostly static-type documents and multi-media assets, you may want to consider a collaboration platform instead of an LMS.  Just an alternative to consider but know the limitations.

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