record and replay audio

Feb 24, 2017


I'm working on project that require students to record their audio/video response as activity in a Storyline project. Then in another section using another project playback the recorded audio/video. 

Any suggestions on how or if I can achieve this is most appreciated. 

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Richard Watson



None that I'm aware of that will work across multiple platforms. You could have the user enter text as the method of responding to an activity. This could be stored in a variable and called back up later in your course. This is possible and easy to do.

In regard to recording audio, here is a discussion that discusses your situation:

The challenge is that you not only need to capture the recording but then save it and replay it again. You could use a WebObject to insert the recording option into your Storyline slide. for example    

That's the first step. The user would then be able to record their response. The problem is they will need to save the recording, give the recording file a name and the file would then need to be referenced using a trigger within your course. That is where another problem comes in. You would have the challenge of creating a trigger that references the file name beforehand.  Also, the file would need to be stored where Storyline could find it.

Interesting challenge but not one I can help solve at this time. If you discover a way, please feel free to share!


Math Notermans

If you save your recorded audio online somewhere, the url can be a variable and thus be loaded into the actual Storyline when its finished capturing.

In fact i would love it when we have the same option for video. Might dive into this to see if i get it working during the xmas-holidays. Like the idea...

Math Notermans

No finished ones because this kind of experiment(s) i have to squeeze inbetween work. Just yesterday tried to get it working in Canvas but Sandbox issues there blocked it from saving the video and audio. In a too experimental phase to show here... however contact me directly and i might be able to help you and your team ahead.