Replacing Published Mobile Content with New Mobile Content

Hi, I can't seem to find help for this question.

I need to know if something is possible. I need to replace published mobile content with custom mobile design content. I want to design a separate mobile layout, publish it and replace the mobile content I originally published.

Is it possible to design a separate mobile course using same elements but build a course specifically for mobile viewpoints. Then replace published mobile content.

I want it to act same way and determine automatically if viewing from mobile device.


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Matthew Bibby

Hi Julie,

It may be possible to create two separate courses (one for desktop, one for mobile) and then write some code that will show the correct version depending on the user's viewport - but this approach is not supported and will cause issues in some cases (e.g. The learner starts course on their mobile, then goes to resume later on the desktop, but the incorrect slide will be shown).

More on publishing for mobile here.