Request for eLearning Course Maintenance Log Template

Dec 16, 2020

Hi great people, I'm planning on updating a number of E-learning courses for our organization but would like to keep track of all the changes made to the courses. Necessarily, I'm looking for a course maintenance template for e-learning courses. A template file I can always update every time I make changes to the courses.

How do you maintain your record of what was updated, when, why, and how, within your e-learning courses? Kindly share your templates, I appreciate your feedback.
#CourseMaintenanceTemplates  #eLearningCourseMaintenanceLog

3 Replies
Sarah Hodge

Hi Jeremiah and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! 🙂 I created this course update spreadsheet to help keep track of changes to courses. This can easily be imported into Google Sheets as well in case you use that and want to collaborate with others on it. You can also edit the column titles to fit your needs.

To help make sure everything is up to date, I also like referencing this E-Learning Maintenance Checklist so I don't miss anything. I hope that helps!