Resuming the timeline using variables

Oct 06, 2016

Hi everyone, I am a little stuck and could use some help. I am working on an interactive training piece, throughout the project I have the timeline paused for activities. On one numeric entry box I will need to resume the timeline after the new hire enters his/her 5 digit ID number. Is there a way to set the trigger or variable to resume the timeline once 5 numbers are pressed on the number key pad? Here is what I have done:

  • I created variable A and set the default value to zero
  • I created variable b with a true/false value - with the condition to change  to true if the other equals 5. 
  • I added triggers to each of the number pad numbers to add 1 each time someone presses one of the numbers.
  • I created the trigger to resume the timeline if variable b is "True"

The problem is that the timeline resumes once 2 or 3 numbers are entered, not 5.  Any suggestions?

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Ulises Musseb

If I may say, I'd advise to not continue the timeline right after entering the 5th digit. Normally you want to accommodate for people being able to verify what they enter.

For example, when it prompted me for the date, I typed just a few characters and there was no way for me to change or correct my entry. Text fields allow you to enter the correct entry and verify that the entered text is acceptable for a field, especially if it's part of a form that requires data integrity.

It is good data entry practice to NOT continue after you type something, but to have the opportunity to verify that what you entered is correct and go back and fix any errors before the form accepts the typed information.

Cheryl Phelps

Do you have any suggestions on how to use the "Tab" key without it jumping all over the screen, or something else to use as the trigger to restart the timeline? I thought about the enter button, but the software the reps will be using does not use the enter button in that fashion.  Any suggestions really are appreciated :) I cannot access YouTube at work so all of the videos I use to watch here are no longer available to me.

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