Reverse Wheel in PowerPoint

Dec 20, 2012

This question has possibly been asked in the forum, though I can't locate it. In PPT 2010, I want to draw a circle using the freeform tool and then make it appear as though it's being drawn on the screen--so I want to start at the top, go counterclockwise, and end again at the top. (Basically, I want to mimic handwriting.) PPT provides the wheel animation option, but it goes clockwise, and I can't figure out if there is a way to reverse that motion to counterclockwise. Does anyone out there have a solution? I'm really surprised the animation options don't allow for this.

Thanks to anyone who can help!


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Rebecca Dodds

What do you want to do with it?  What's the purpose? 

You can easily capture the motion using Captivate to record what's happening on the screen.  You can embed the published Captivate output in your Articulate module.  But without knowing what you're trying to do, there's no way to know if that meets your needs or not.

Jen Perkins

Thank you all for your replies! Rebecca, I have been thinking of creating a handwriting effect in PPT but got stuck with the letter "o," as the wheel animation works only in clockwise, and most people write/print the letter "o" in counterclockwise motion. I did find a solution at that works pretty well. However, Natalia, I really like your example better! I'm sure it's a slower process, but it ends up looking great. Thanks so much!

Natalia Mueller

Well good. You know it really wasn't that bad. Just duplicate and place. I added the disappear animations to all at once, set them to Start After Previous, fiddled with the timing a bit and then formatted them all to white in one go. Not as easy as applying one quick animation but not so cumbersome that it isn't worth it.

Deniz Aksoy

I know it has been 5 years since the matter but for newcomers i will offer a solution.

1. Add entrance wheel animation.

2. Add emphasis spin animation. Make it "start with previous", from effect options make the direction "counter clockwise" and set the duration to 0,875 x duration of wheel animation. For example: Wheel: 2 secs + Spin 1.75, wheel: 1 sec + spin: 0.88 sec, wheel 0.5 sec + spin: 0.44 sec.

It works for circular shapes...

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