Rotate Object from End

Aug 22, 2018

I am trying to create an clock that appears to show time moving at a rapid pace (time lapse). I have the clock image without the hands. I created the hour and minute hands as shapes in Storyline 3. While I can use the Animations tool to have each hand rotate in a clockwise direction, the rotation is not occurring from the desired position. They are rotating from the middle of the hands. I need them to rotate from the end of each hand. Any ideas?

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Christy Tucker

Can you use the trick for animating a pendulum in PowerPoint? Create an invisible object equal to the length of the hand and attach it to the end of the hand in the center. Group those objects together, and then animate it. Then it's still animating from the "center" of the object, but it appears to be rotating from the end of the hand instead.

Here's an example of the technique in PowerPoint with a pendulum. I think the same concept applies to what you're trying to do.

Darin Fennell

Great minds think alike! Yes, that came to my mind as well. I first tried to create such an object in Inkscape, but decided it would be easier to do in Storyline. That appears to work. Now I just have to figure out how to rotate the hour and minute hands at different speeds, but for the same amount of time. I know that the rotation will slow down if I increase the total rotation time. However, then I end up with one hand stopping before the other. 

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