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Oct 12, 2015

Hi There,

I'm sure a similar question has already been posed but I was unable to find an answer. Is there a way to change the course area to have round-edge corners?

Thank you for the help!


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Steve Gannon

Hi Karoline,

Are you wanting to apply rounded corners to the slide content area? Although there is no Player setting in either Storyline or Presenter to do this, with a bit of effort you can make it happen.

I used Photoshop and Presenter 13 (same steps in Storyline) to create the rounded corners in the attached image:

1. First, get your Player color settings the way you want them.

2. Next, if you have a gradient background in your Player, you can either use Articulate's eye dropper tool to sample the color values (top, middle and bottom along the edge of the slide area) or just take a screen capture. If your Player has a single solid color value, just make a note of it.

3. In your favorite image editing tool (again, I used Photoshop), create a plain white image and fill it with the gradient or solid color from Step 2 above, whichever you're using in the Player. The standard slide size is 720x540 pixels. Be sure to create your image at whatever size you set your slide to be.

4. Save the image and insert it into a slide layout in your slide master. At this point, if you previewed a blank slide, the slide area and surrounding interface should be seamless. You shouldn't be able to see where the slide's edges will just be a solid gradient or solid color.

5. On the same layout in the master, draw a rounded rectangle that fills the slide, adjust the corner size as desired, and fill the rounded rectangle with white or whatever color you like. You may want to give the rounded rectangle a border as well.

If you apply the slide layout from Step 5 to all your slides and preview your slides, they should appear with rounded corners.

If you decide to try the steps above and get stuck, feel free to contact me and I'll walk you through the steps in more detail.

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