Save Text Variable (Learner's note) to Microsoft OneNote

Aug 23, 2022

Hi everyone,

I am building a course that contains a text input in a lightbox, so learners can write their own notes on it (See attached image). I found JS code to print and email the notes. Because my company is pushing Microsoft 365, I am wondering if there is a way to save that text variable to the learner's MS OneNote. I hope their API supports it. Thanks.

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If they are using Microsoft 365, they likely have a little known, but Powerful tool called Power Automate that they can leverage for this. Power Automate lets you create scripts that trigger specific actions such as ->
When email is received with the subject line of XXXX - create a task in One Note.

I've just started to scratch the surface with this tool but I currently have a MS Form that when a person submits a response, Power Automate adds a task for me in my MS Planner, sends me an email notification, and posts something in our MS Teams channel. 

To make this work, however, they would have to distribute this in some way for each individual to run....

Tianxuan Liu

Thanks, Owen.

I will check with my IT department. My concern is that if it requires the IT department to distribute organization-wide, that would take forever. If it requires individual users to set up on their end, then I have to create another course to teach them how to use Automate. :)

Another way is to "Print to OneNote". I can add a print trigger, and users need to choose print to OneNote, once in OneNote, I think there is a text recognition function to convert to text.