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I am new to Storyline but have used TookBook and Captivate previously.

Would I use multiple scenes for different course chapters/modules? Or is there a more efficient approach I should be taking?

I have been tasked with teaching a complicated software system.  I am planning on segmenting the topics and creating simulations to view, practice and be tested.

I would appreciate any guidance!

Thank you,




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Tammy Wise

Hi Maribeth, I personally use scenes to organize my courses.  I put each module into a different scene.  You can then link from one to the next by having your next button go to the first slide in the next scene.  I am not sure how others use scenes but this helps me navigate during the development process.

Maribeth  Radtke

Good morning Tammy,

Thank you for the quick response.

Your approach is exactly what I was hoping. I appreciate the guidance. I'm looking forward to exploring this "new to me" authoring tool. It seems much more intuitive than other tools I have used in the past.

Best regards,

Maribeth Radtke

Kelly Meeker

Hiya Maribeth! It looks like Tammy has helped you out with your question here, which is awesome. I also wanted to share this roundup of helpful resources for getting started with Articulate 360 - hopefully you'll find it helpful! 

I also wanted to let you know that when you reply to a discussion via email, your email signature is automatically included! You can edit your previous response on E-Learning Heroes to remove your contact info.