Seems a great tool but I have a problem.  I tested it out last week and it worked fine.  I recorded some practices on website movements and downloaded them as mp4 files,  Brilliant as it allowed me to join up some other video files and make something.  Problem is that now ( a few days and 2 downloads later) it requires me to download java before recording.  I've done this several times, switched off computer, scanned for viruses and even restored to point prior to opening the website.  All to no avail.  I'm lost for a way to get sreenr back,  Have I missed something?  Can anyone suggest anything to try to get back a pretty decent tool?

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David Anderson

Hey Brian,

Are you working on a Mac or PC? I'm asking because the Macs have seen a lot of on/off support for Java lately. If you are working on a Mac, try Safari w/Screenr and things should work.

For more Screenr support questions, please try our GetSatisfaction page. That's our official support channel and where you'll find product experts who can better troubleshoot Java with you.