SCUBA Diving Quiz Demo

Jan 17, 2017

I used this quiz theme as a knowledge test on a dry business subject that had used a beach theme throughout.  I built it soon after SL2 came out and had fun playing with motion paths to make it work.  It has been very well received!

Unfortunately I can't share the file because it includes purchased images, but if you have any questions about the coding or how I built this, let me know.

In general, the fish are all on continuous different motion paths that create a sense of random swimming.  When you click on a fish it takes you to a question draw for that fish.  Answer correctly and a variable changes so the fish is hidden.  Answer incorrectly and the fish continues in the water.

The biggest hurdle was not related to variables or motion paths - it was figuring out how to have the fish between the mask image and the water, because Storyline still considers the 'transparent' area of a .png image part of the image, so that anything below the image can't be clicked.  I had to break up the mask (which I had created from shapes in PowerPoint) into different pieces to lay around the outside so that the fish could be clicked in the clear area but would appropriately disappear behind the mask.

You can view the demo here.


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