Seeking pre built courses for new elearning website

Oct 10, 2013

Hi I'm new to the elearning community here and I'm starting a website and I'm interested in finding third party or professional pre made elearning courses to offer on my website. Any recommendations? Any good place to get started? 

I'm looking for very short few hour long courses.  Can include simulations, animations, video lectures, pdf's, etc. I would like a good amount to get the ball rolling.

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Bruce Graham

Hi Charles - and welcome.

  • What's your intended "brand"?
  • What's your market?
  • What price range do you want to be selling at?
  • What Terms and Conditions do you want to offer to suppliers and clients?
  • What is the deployment/access model?
  • Do you really view 1-hour as "short"?
  • What margin doe you want to make and what differentiates you from, for example,

Just a few questions that might help us understand whether we can help or not.


Charles Henry

Hi Bruce, thanks for your reply. We will be marketing to small business owners. Course prices will vary depending on quality of course, instructor, content between $20-500. Terms are flexible as long as their is a win win. We will be offering the courses through the site. TeacherI  will be able to upload their courses directly. I will be focused on marketing for you. 1 hour is short. They will be broken down into 10 minute lessons. Some courses will be longer. It's not all uniform. I want to make 20% while the teachers will make the rest. Teachers decide their own price. Opensesame has its competitors I may be one of them, I'm not concerned about competition online there are many sites doing this not enough students taking the classes. Their is room for everyone to participate. What is your expertise? How can you help me? Would you be interested in participating? What's your experience in course building? Let me know.

Bruce Graham

Thanks for clarifying Charles.

I have created many hundreds of courses, but do not operate in this way - I was merely trying to get some clarity for others on this forum.

It would be useful, if you are trying to run a business such as this in this way, to post a complete Business Plan/Operating Terms type of document for potential course-builders.

I am still not really sure what it is that you want from people - you need complete clarity, stated with total accuracy.


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