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Ray Cole

As always, start by asking what is the course attempting to achieve? Who is the audience for this course and what are you asking them to do about the problem of addiction?

After you figure out what you're training people to do, you can design a course the drives learners to practice those behaviors. If the situations are realistic, the course will be as serious and non-frivolous as the actions you're asking people to take and the seriousness of the problems they solve by taking those actions.

Hard to advise beyond this without knowing more about the intent of the course.


Judy Newman

Hello Melanie! Thank you - I would indeed like to take a look at your course.


Hi Judy - I created a course on this topic a couple of years ago. It isn't fancy as I was using SL2, so I didn't have access to the content library. I can send you a link if you would like to take a peek at it.