Short course concept

Jan 10, 2013

Good Morning,

Here’s something I've been encouraged to share.  Our team creates classroom and online courses for our staff.  Most of the online courses (created with Articulate 09 Suite and Storyline) are accessed via our LMS so that the courses can be tracked and added to their transcripts.  However, there are times that tracking course completion isn’t necessary. 

We came up with a concept called “One Cup”  These are “Short courses designed to teach a new skill, refresh the memory on a topic or to provide updated information on a policy or procedure in about the amount of time it takes to enjoy a cup of coffee.”  Each course begins at “The One Cup Café” where some smooth jazz plays in the background and the fresh board provides the title to the current “Special”.  Older offerings are available from the “Full Menu” link on the graphic for easy access.  We also switch out the graphic for the couple in front depending on the season to make it more inviting.  After this consistent opening, the course begins.  The idea has been pretty well received.  The graphic we use for the Café is included in a couple of different forms in the attached PP.

Note:  For some reason the PP isn't coming through as a PP, but instead as pieces of a Zip file.  I'm adding a copy of what the full Café looks like. (Sorry about that.)

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