Should links open in a new window?

Dec 11, 2014

Hey folks,

Just wanted to throw a usability question out to the masses since it has become a subject of debate between a couple of us.

When you click on link on a webpage, do you prefer that it:

A) Opens in a new tab

B) Opens in a new window

c) Opens in the existing tab


Personally, I prefer that links open in a new tab, because I don't want to lose the original page. 

Looking forward to hearing your opinions!


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Terence English

Is anyone aware of how to specify one of those three choices when publishing?

Looking to publish so resources/links open in a new tab, rather than a new window. Aside from a Java patch to fix, is there a way to specify in Storyline: open in new tab; open in new window; open in existing tab? Thanks all