Shuffling shapes at start timeline

Aug 16, 2014

Hi everyone,

I included a slide with a multiple answer drag and drop question created in a pick one free form.

I chose the pick one free form because there are three correct drop targets per shape.

All I want now is to shuffle the six shapes at the start of the timeline so everytime my learners repeat the question the shapes are in a different starting position.

(in my slide the shapes are above the correct drop targets)

Really hope someone can help me with this.

Many thanks in advance!

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Charles Zoffuto


You can achieve the shuffle by using the Free Form Drag & Drop and using the Shuffle Answers option. Additionally to get the column effect you then need to turn on the Snap to feature under the Drop Target Options and select Tile. I did need to adjust some of the box sizes but I think it is what you wanted. Let me know if you need additional guidance with this.

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