Simple and Inexpensive E-learning Environment Suggestions


I'm working with a client who is looking for a simple and inexpensive e-learning environment for a small company - 8 to 15 call center agents. They would need the set up with initial training  content and then be intuitive enough for them to add training as needed. 

I've only worked with companies with larger and more robust LMS's. Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated, even including open source solutions. Also if you've designed S2 content for some of these LMS's.

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Michael Anderson

I recently moved my web site to under one of their shared hosting accounts. Everything works great and they have many apps that you can automatically install, including a bunch of open source LMS's. I can't find a list online, but I'm sure their online chat support could let you know which ones they have. First year's hosting with domain name was under $20. Can't beat that!