SL360 Autoplay Menu FREEBIE

Jan 11, 2018

Autoplay feature for those who despise buttons.

Hey guys!

For ELH Challenge #187 I created this "Top 10 things you should know about eLearning" which has an Autoplay feature controlled by a Slider from the slide master. I'm dropping the source file here without the audio.



  1. The slider is set to two positions: 0 and 1
  2. If slider variable = 1 and hidden shape will change to the normal state
  3. The normal state of the shape has a "Wipe" animation for 12 seconds.
  4. A trigger is set to advance to the next slide at the end of the shape animation.
  5. The shape is re-hidden when the slider is turned off or zero.

I hope this is helpful for anyone looking to retro-engineer the functionality.

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