Slide with a mind of its own

Sep 02, 2021

I can't figure out why this set of slides seems to move automatically past the drag and drop interaction. It might be something really simple, but I just don't see it and my eyes are crossed.


Can someone take a look and solve this mystery? Thanks.

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Kim Ellis

Hi Louisa, 

Wow this had me stumped!! The triggers on the right all looked fine, if i duplicated the first slide it worked fine when moved in to replace the ones which were causing problems. But that doesnt get to the root of it.

If you click on the slide on the left hand side (in the scene panel), you'll see there are several red arrows pointing to the next slide. Hover over each of them and you'll see there are some triggers to move the slide to the next one when the timeline starts. Right click and disable the link.

No idea why or how they got there but that seems to work.

Louisa James

That worked perfectly! Thanks for pointing to the red arrows. :)

I didn't know you could right-click and disconnect or delete those commands from the left panel. Strange how the actions were activated with the red arrows but there were no actual triggers in the trigger panel listed. 

In case this is relevant to anyone else, here's a picture of the arrows and the right-click menu that appears.