Slidemasters vs. Layout Templates?

I have a few general questions about when to use Slidemasters and when to use Layouts. First, what is the real difference between these two?  And, when I format a slide and make it a slidemaster some of the functionality goes away. For example, bullets are not formatting correctly, and, Previous and Next buttons are not functional. Why is that?

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Holley Berley

Hi Don, 

Slide Masters are like Master Slides in PowerPoint.  You use the Slide Masters to pre-set defaults for your slides.  Here is an article that might shed some light:


Daniel Brigham

Hi, Don:

The Slide Master controls the slide layout. If you make a tweak to the slide master, it'll be reflected on the slide layout. Of course, you can only truly build stuff on an actual slide. I assume you are working in Storyline. If you are in Slide View (on an actual slide in Storyline), you can right click just off the slide and you'll see the various layouts available to you, and the one the current slide is on.