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Nov 16, 2016

Hi All,

Just after a bit of advice. One of our departments has asked for training on how to provide me with content for elearning development (a dream, I know!).

This is to be a face-to-face training session that I deliver (I used to be a teacher so have no issues with teaching them something!) I was just wondering if any of you had any experience of delivering this kind of training and could share some ideas with me!




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Bob S

Hi John,

Great opportunity, congrats.

I've done this sorta thing 1v1 and in a group setting..... interestingly enough the group setting worked better.   In addition to the good suggestions above, you may want to start off with a game/exercise of sorts to set the stage...

For example, we used to do a Leggos exercise where we split group into two teams, gave each a scenario as a "designer" and had them build the perfect house for a client that addressed a need they had.  Only we set them up to fail on purpose....  For example we might tell them "the client is worried about security" and that's all.   Turns out the "security" was about loosing a pet in a fire so the high walls, no windows and few doors they invariably come up with run counter to the needs of the client.

It's al in good fun and we  take the blame for not giving them what they needed to successfully meet the end user's needs.  So what's the point?   IDs need good, appropriate, and complete information to successfully address the needs of the business and the learners.    By having the SMEs experience this first hand it really hits home and they typically become even better partners.

Hope this helps!

John Brindle

Hi Everybody!

Thanks for your feedback, I ran the session yesterday and it was really well received. I followed Tristan's initial advice (and some of the info from the ebooks already on this site). I talked them through the process and had them synthesise some learning information for use based on new paperwork that I developed for use in-house.

I focussed on the Allen Interactions CCAF model with them to help them to focus on behaviours and actions within their elearning requsts.

Here's hoping they produce the killer content that I know they can for me now!

Bob, I may try to make the session more interactive with the next department I work with!

Thanks for all of your help!

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