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Mike Taylor

Hi Lisa!  There are a lot of possibilities for this using web objects. For example, you could include online polls to collect your learners opinions and  feedback. Another fun option could be something like http://note.ly/  to let people leave their own sticky  notes.  Here is another thread with a number of good ideas too

Daniel Brigham

Lisa Sanders said:

I'm looking for ideas for some social learning activities that would work seamlessly from within Storyline. So far, I've been limiting the activities to pre and post learning activities, but wonder if there are any creative ideas out there?

Lisa: Could you give a bit more context--e.g., what's the topic of the training.

And Mike, thank you for reposting that old thread. It's given me a few ideas about using web objects.

Lisa Sanders

It's customer support training for call centers. The ILT version of the course has a lot of role playing and other small group activities like script building. I'd like to include these activities in the web-based version through using the Google collaborative tools, but didn't know if there were some other ideas.

Gina Heumann

I've done customer support training! We do the role-playing as "scenarios", and I've done them using the characters that come in Storyline. You could have different "scenes" on different layers. Maybe one scene is "what NOT to do" and the other is a "better alternative". I've included a sample from a project I did a few months back.

As far as script building, you could give them quiz questions where they choose different phrases or sentences. Once they choose the first sentence, they could move on and choose the second sentence, where the "preferred" first sentence is already filled in - so they can actually watch the script being built on their choices.

You could also do a drag and drop activity of phrases to use and phrases not to use in customer service - maybe put  them all on post-it notes and sort them either into a file cabinet or a trash basket.

Hope that helps a little!