Software Screen Recording Best Practices

Jun 12, 2013

I am working with Storyline and I'm looking for a collection or some leads on the best practices for recording a software screen that is much moe than 720x540. I want to maximize the output quality and area that I am able to capture.

I can insert a captivate file but was wondering if there a manual capture option in Storyline so that I don't have to delete slides capturing the interium screens?

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Natalia Mueller

Hi Jami,

I'm not sure what you mean about a manual capture option and deleting slides... Can you expand on that a bit? 

I use a fair bit of Storyline's screen recording feature in Video/View and Try Mode. There are a  couple of things I do to maximize space. One is that whenever possible, I'll start the recording full screen to establish context but then "zoom" to just the area I'm referencing. I do record at the highest resolution I can so the quality doesn't degrade too much. Another thing I do is adjust the publish settings so the output expands to fill the browser.

I'm sorry if I'm missing the mark on your question. Just let me know and I'll try again


Jami Moss

Absolutely! I want to use Storyline to build my simulation, but I want to Pause it while i "cue" up the screen....I think i may have just answered my own question with the pause idea....yes, I see it now with the Alt+D command. I didn't want all the text field entries and screens captured to have to be deleted.

The software (screen area) I am trying to capture really needs 1024x768 or greater. But I'm not sure what size to set my story at to present that sized screen simulation for its best presentation. Does that make better sense?

I'm probably not asking it well and it has me baffled and somewhat left with "designers block" if you will. I don't want to do a lot of work to not have it sized optimally.

Daniel Brigham

Hi, Jami: If you go up to the Design tab, over to the left you'll see Story Size. You can change the size of the screen capture from there. See below. I'm working left-handed today, so I apologize for the drunken, red line. I'd think about your users. Will they be viewing this mostly on widescreen (16:9 ratio)? Just a heads-up you may need to spend a bit of time adjusting your window before the screen capture shows what you want it to show. --Daniel

Jami Moss

Thanks Daniel! Love the extra effort with the left hand! and sorry for whatever has the right inoperatable:( I think i have solved my problem. The software is designed to "fill the users browser". So i set my screen res to 1024-768. I adjusted the capture area to not capture the IE bar and not my toolbar. So the recording is actually 1020x670 but i think I work around that on the presentation slide.

Thanks for chiming in! I demoed what the end product will be for the customer and they were pleased.

Azizi Abdullah

I just spent some time building a software training course and found the below Storyline function useful for adding 'pauses' to recordings.

For a 10 second recording for example, I'd edit it to only show the first 5 seconds, then take a screenshot from the recording at that point (you can do this by right clicking the screenr image when inserting the screenr). I'd place the screenshot on the timeline after the first 5 second screenr for as long as I wanted the slide paused for, then insert the same screenr after it, but this time edited to show the final 5 seconds. If necessary, I added triggers to start the second half of the screenr.This can all be done on one Storyline slide, so the scrubber bar at the end of the final user output is linear, the user has no idea you have chopped up the recording.

Don't know if this is useful to you, but it worked for me.

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