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Sep 18, 2020

I need to create a course about Pensions & I am struggling for ideas to make it interesting, does anyone have any examples please?

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Dave Goodman

Pensions and pension planning is about dreaming of the future, how to get there and what might occur upon arrival. There is always the element of fear - what happens if I do not have sufficient safety nets in place. I would consider making your training about taking a journey (background images of island, sailing, trave, grandkids/family, etc) and each place 'visited' would be how it was achieved through pension planning. Just a thought....

Jacqueline Mulcahy

Hi thank you for your response & your idea would be great if I was creating a course about pension planning. I didn’t really explain myself very well.
I work for a software company & we provide software to pensions administration companies. The course I have to write is to give a brief overview of pensions and how our software helps these companies to manage the pensions. This is to provide developers & the like who have not worked in the industry before with an introduction to pensions but more along how our software helps companies to manage them.

Thanks again for responding so quickly and for your help. If you have any ideas on this topic I would be most grateful.


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Dave Goodman

Take a look at Replay. You could do some simple introductions on Pensions then do Replay on various software features with a video insert of you describing how the software relates to pensions. Just repeat this approach across your software by major software function. At the end of each feature with Replay, insert a scenario between a client asking a question and having your new reps respond to each scenario. If they get a scenario wrong, you could redirect them back to that specific software feature. Hope this sparks some ideas for you. Regards.

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