Spot the Hazard ... help!

Feb 05, 2021

Hey guys,

I haven't used Storyline 3 for over 8 years now so coming back as a newbie... I would like to build a simple 'find the hazard' page where the user has to find all 9 hazards before moving on.  Is there a simple template anyone has that I can view and check how everything works? it's all super complicated at the moment.

Thanks in advance

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Chris Foster

Hi Suey,

I have something - it's just a short demo. Where I have used video it would be no different if it were a static image. 

There are 6 hazards to find, I placed a hotspot over each one. Each hotspot has a designated true/false variable that updates to "true" when the hotspot is clicked. 

There is one more variable which is a number variable. This is set to add 1 when each of the above variables update to "true". When the total of 6 is reached, a button changes state from hidden to normal, the user clicks on this to show the completion message. 

Here it is:

I've attached the file for you to download - hope it helps. If you have any questions or need any help just give me a shout.