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Jose Tansengco

Hello Salo,

Could you clarify what you mean by a "transcript document" so I can provide more information regarding your inquiry? Are you referring to the exported translation file of your course? Or would you like to add text guides to your course in the Notes section?

If you're trying to make your course more accessible, this article will help you get started: 

Looking forward to your response!

Salo Carrillo

Hello Joe,

I'm considering creating a downloadable document that will include audio transcripts of all the narrations in my course. The course also features a quiz. I'm unsure whether it's a good idea to include the quiz questions (which don't have associated audio) within the transcripts.

I'm seeking advice on whether including the quiz in the transcripts is a recommended practice or if it's unnecessary.

Your input would be greatly appreciated.


Pierre Sosa

This is where some solid instructional design would factor in, and I would recommend moving the conversation to "course building" rather than the product discussion forum.

In my opinion, the risk is to summary assessment, so determine if that assessment is necessary from a pedagogical perspective. If the assessment is being used to issue a certificate or because of a legal requirement, then having the answers available in the transcript may be a big risk to the certainty of the results. If the assessment is just for the emotional comfort of the learner, then they can assess their own answers as easily by reading the transcript. My internal dialogue would go like 'reads questions, make a guess, looks at answer, reacts, moves on'; and I don't need the interactivity of pressing a button to go through those same thought-processes. Adding options for the learner is not a problem, and can promote learning by allowing them to choose how they approach the material. You'll need to review the project objectives of the training to determine if that parallel modality is viable.