Storyline Branching Scenario Analytics

Sep 13, 2013

Hello Articulate Community,

I just wanted to know if anyone has ever created a branching scenario in Storyline and as a project requirement have to track user responses.   To illustrate what I am looking for let's say I have a true/false question and my mgr wants a report on how many people are clicking true and how many people are clicking on false.  (almost like a poll)  Is it possibe to track and store that information using storyline and I guess some script/code?  An LMS can keep track of an individual user's response from a quiz but is it possible to get a 'holistic'  report as well or as that dependent on what LMS is used?  Can the analytics I am asking be done without an LMS?    I know that was a lot but I would like to thank the community advance for reading this discussion and sharing their insights.

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Steve Flowers

Hi Layton - 

Reporting of analytics will vary from LMS to LMS. Most will track a user's quiz responses. Depending on what you're looking for, you could track these data points without an LMS. One way to do this is using Google Apps Spreadsheets. It's relatively simple, depending on your comfort level with JavaScript, to make this work.

1) Create your spreadsheet

2) Add a script to your spreadsheet and publish the script (see Martin Hawksey's code below)

3) Capture your data path points in a set of variables. One way to do this is by creating variables for path choice points and setting the value to 1 if the path is taken.

4) Send your values to the spreadsheet using GET and either a hidden frame or an AJAX submission.

Alexandros Anoyatis

As Steve said, it's certainly doable.

I just finished a very similar project which involved reporting of branch paths as well as attempts and duration (total and per-slide).

The only difference to Steve's approach was that I opted to send data over to a database instead of a Google spreadsheet to eliminate the middle man.

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