Storyline demo with templates included

Aug 22, 2012

Hi, heroes:

If you are looking for additional Storyline examples, here's a relatively short demo of my favorite features of Storyline. I've also attached a PowerPoint file that contains most of the basic templates. Feel free to use them as your own, and message me if you have any questions on how I built it.

Here's the link to the demo:

Best, Daniel

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James Brown

That's very cool. I've done a lot of this in Flash but what Storyline brings to the table is the ease of use and the new assets. I have thought about using this for developing new course content for the classroom which would not only spice up the boring lectures but add student interaction. This also opens up a different testing artifact. Instead of plain text, you could now present materials with graphics and animation which would increase the knowledge transfer to the learner.

Daniel Brigham

Thanks, James. Yes, the "convert to freeform tool" allows many opportunities for learners to engage with images and graphics. The screen recording function and its try mode do as well. Right now, most IDs are using them for software training, but other uses will surely arise and people get more creative with the tool.

Clint Jackson

I actually didn't make it Daniel. Just started working here at Yukon Learning about three weeks and some change ago. Everyone in our office has an avatar that was made for them. Prior to my start, I had to give them some pictures to send to the graphic artist. This is what came back. It's a fun culture here.

Love this forum by the way. So much valuable information, so many tips and a plethora of resources and informed people. 

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