Storyline - Embedding Several Games

Feb 04, 2014

Has anyone tried to embed several games into a single e-Learning course using Storyline?

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Stratbeans C

Dear Alexandra, we have created various game based learnings where various games like snakes and ladder, drag drop games are compiled into one elearning. There were more than 12 games in one of the elearning, which included outputs of other rapid interactivity creation tool, all worked fine for us and for the client.

Is it that you are facing some problem adding several games. Can you elaborate more ?

Alexandra Wong

Just starting to work on an elearning course.  Basically the idea is to give the learner $X to start and throughout the course they will earn "experience" points that tranlate to additional money after they reach so mean points.  In the process we would provide them with two "lifelines" - asking a "mentor" or we reveal the answer to them and they would face roadblocks which would require decisions to be made which would earn them additional points  In the storyboard development stage right now...It sounds quite amibtious doesn't it?

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