Storyline training -Seattle (Kirkland)

Nov 05, 2012

Just wanted to reach out and see if anyone was attending the Storyline training in Kirkland, WA next week (Nov. 13-15).  I am going to be attending both the basic and advance training and cannot wait!  Would love to connect with some of you!

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Sarah Noll Wilson

I'm sorry you weren't able to join in the fun! I took both the 2 day basic and 1 day advance class through Yukon Learning.  Ron Price was our instructor and was really great.  It was nice because the class size was small (purposefully) so we all recieved what ever level of 1 on 1 attention we needed.  I had some experience (not a ton) going into training which I was glad because I could ask more specific questions about challenges I was facing.  I'm not sure I would recommend doing both the basic and advance if you didn't have previous design or elearning experience.  I would definitely recommend investing in the training if you are looking to expand your understanding and most importantly, your practice of the tool.  We created a lot of different scenes and projects to practice different tools.  So now in addition to the handouts, I have actual Storyline files I created to help remind me how I executed certain effects.  It doesn't hurt that Ron has a good sense of humor mixed with a lot of experience to make the 8 hours fly by.  You will have to let me know if you decide to pursue training. 

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