Studio Upgrade?

May 04, 2012

Hi there.  I know Articulate can't/wont comment on this but was wondering if anyone else has any indication on when the next version is coming. I know it is this year sometime.

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Mark Schwartz

Kita White said:

Is it going to be possible to upgrade from Studio 09 to Storyline, or do we have to buy it from scratch again?

Storyline seems to be a better fit for my team, but without any kind of upgrade discount I doubt my director will approve buying new software for everyone (but I think could be convinced to upgrade).

Hi Kita,

Storyline is a new Articulate product that offers different functionality and meets different requirements than Studio.  Studio remains a strategic Articulate product, and we'll continue to enhance and support the Studio product suite.  You can see some of the differences between Studio and Storyline, as well as a sneak peek of what's coming in Studio '12 here.

Even though they are different products, you will be pleased to know that our engineers worked extra hard to protect the investments made in authoring Articulate Studio '09 courses, by enabling Presenter '09, Quizmaker '09, and Engage '09 content to be imported and work within Storyline.  After all, we recognize much of the investments made are in creating content.

From an acquisition perspective, if you saw value in acquiring Storyline, you would need to purchase a new license.  That is, there is not a discounted upgrade path from Studio to Storyline.  For a limited time we are providing Studio '09 customers with a special loyalty incentive by including the  photographic character volume 1 bundle for free (a $2392 value) with their Storyline purchase! 

Also, if you purchased the Articulate Platinum Membership Plan (PMP) with your Studio license, we offer a conversion plan that enables you to convert your remaining Studio PMP term to Storyline which will save you money on your Storyline license.  Please contact your account representative if you need more information on that.  If you're not sure who that is, private message me or contact us.

Of course, if you saw value in Studio '12 when it becomes available, and as a Studio licensee, you are eligible to receive upgrade pricing for the new version of Studio.

I hope this answers your question, and let us help you work on your director if you truly believe Storyline will also enhance your ability to author great e-learning!  Don't forget to mention the limited time photographic character bundle special offer for Studio '09 customers - which saves you over $2300 - if you choose to purchase Storyline prior to that promotion expiration.

Gerry Wasiluk

At the moment, and some may find this a luxury, but if you can afford it, there are some advantages for some folks to having both Studio and Storyline.

The Articulate wizards did a tremendous job with Storyline for v1.  That said, there's currently a few things you can do in Studio that you cannot do in Storyline yet--or are done differently and you may prefer how it is done in Studio. 

And sometimes you may want to use Studio to produce content for Storyline to produce an effect not yet possible in Storyline. And some very simple projects may be done quicker in Studio.

That said, Storyline is now overwhelmingly my tool of choice but I have some clients who will need things done in Studio.

As Storyline matures even more over time (and it's future is very bright IMVHO) the need to have both tools for some of us will probably lessen.

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