Jul 11, 2011

Hey all,

This isn't really about building a course so I apologise in advance. I've been thinking of buying a tablet but I want one which can be used with a stylus to create free-hand drawings and fonts like so many of you use in your courses.

I love the free hand drawings but I suck at doing them with a mouse and so I was hoping people might have recommendations. If not a tablet how are people creating them???

Thanks guys!

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Kat Fardian

Hey Kristen,

I did buy a tablet 2 days ago. I went with the motorola xoom. They all seemed pretty similar and a friend had recommended it. The main reason I finally bought one was I found a product in the Android market called AutoCad by Autodesk which is a drawing program for android devices. I tested it out on my Samsung Galaxy S and it seemed pretty good so now I just need to buy a nifty stylus and then I can go crazy!

Good luck with your shopping

Sayuj Ravindran

This is the tablet we use - 

With this we are able to draw images directly into PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and most of the MS Office tools.

Given below are some screenshots from an e-learning course, in which I have drawn a few characters using this tablet.

But the problem that we face is that the strokes that we make, using a tablet is not a powerpoint shape in ppt. And we cannot select a stroke and a PowerPoint shape (or image) together. Please see below screenshot:

All the "Ink #" are strokes using a tablet. Picture 19 is a png image. In the selection pane, you will see a line separating the strokes and other powerpoint items (similar to the case when we insert a flash movie in articulate). And we cannot select all of the items together. What I have done here is selected each stroke (using the selection pane and shift key) and then copy pasted this as a png image.

Do anyone know if there is a way to draw something in powerpoint to get it as a powerpoint shape? Or convert it to a powerpoint shape after drawing?

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