Tampa Bay Articulate User Group Meeting #TBAUG 4/26/16 at The Florida Aquarium

Apr 05, 2016

We have set the re-launch meeting for April 26th at 6PM in the Green Room located in The Learning Center at The Florida Aquarium. Details will follow for parking instructions and entry as an event invitation. Please feel free to share this with your friends and colleagues who are Articulate users or are interested in learning more about Articulate. Also, be sure to visit the sign-up sheet for topic presentations!


We're really excited to tell you that we have two great presentation topics lined up for our upcoming meeting - interactive scenarios and branching and must-know features of Storyline 2! We would love to have someone step up to share a project they're been working on or to lead discussion about one of the ELH challenge projects - just let us know about a week before the meeting which challenge project you will be discussing (whether you complete the challenge or not) and folks can either go ahead and complete it or they can check out the wrap-up for that week. Just sign up on the SIGNUP tab here or email, respond here, or DM Sarah Healy if you'd like to lead that.

We have a Facebook event set up https://www.facebook.com/events/716251368517173/ 

If you're not a member or you prefer LinkedIn, here is the link to the TBAUG group: 


If you or your colleagues have any questions, please ask me or Sara Healy, the lead of this event.

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Sara Healy

Hello! The Florida Aquarium is offering free parking to meeting attendees, but you *MUST* contact me for the gate code in order to access the parking lot (919.221.2598). The code is confidential - only meeting attendees may use it, and it may not be published online even in a restricted access group. If you know someone who is planning to attend, but has not RSVPed either on Facebook or LinkedIn, please ask them to contact me by email, direct message, text or phone. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me! Looking forward to seeing you all next week!

Sara Healy

The Tampa Bay Articulate User Group re-launch meeting on April 26th was a resounding success! We had 18 in attendance at the Florida Aquarium’s Learning Center thanks to Alice Pauquette, and another 8 connected remotely including a ID master’s class at the University of Tampa. We had a few expert users, a large number of self-described intermediate users, and a couple of folks who haven’t used Storyline yet, but plan to soon. One attendee came with the hopes of getting some mentoring and advice on making the jump into the ID field after 20+ years in education.

We reviewed the group’s history, purpose and future, and then Alan Shapiro presented a great tutorial on branching and interactive scenarios. There was some really great dialog, questions and suggestions for alternate methods, and Alan even got assigned homework! Nick Elkins followed Alan and presented his five favorite Storyline tips/trick hidden in plain sight and showed us how to customize the quick access tool bar and undock the timeline from the bottom of the Storyline window among other highly valuable items. We also discussed the E-Learning Heroes challenge projects which most folks had seen even if they hadn’t participated; Sara Healy and Yael Monereau shared their entries for the challenge projects they had participated in.

We have a section built into our meetings for brainstorming – a time when members can bring a challenging project to the group and help get past a “designer’s block” and generate ideas, but because it was our re-launch, we didn’t want to put anyone on the spot unprepared, so we used that time to discuss the ins and outs of switching to a career in ID. We talked about the value of a formal certification or degree versus experience and having “an eye” for good design. It was a very positive and encouraging discussion and everyone took something valuable from it.

We moved toward the end of the prepared portion by discussing the future of the user group, introduced the end-of-meeting survey, and reviewed content needs for the next meeting. The final portion was a “for the good of the association”, a time for announcements related to personal interests as they benefit the group such as job openings and upcoming workshops. Following the end of the prepared portion of our meeting, members enjoyed 30 minutes of networking. Our next meeting will be June 12 at 6PM. Location and remote access TBD.

We welcome any comments, questions, or suggestions. Please let us know what you think or suggestions for making our group even more beneficial.

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