Technical Questions to Ask an E-Learning Developer Applicant

Hello community, I have been tasked with creating some technical questions to ask an E-Learning Developer applicant.  I am having trouble with this task due to the large number of authoring tools available, and our organization does not want to restrict the development of our e-Learning to one particular tool.  The role of this position is strictly developer, not designer.  I've come up with some basic questions surrounding HTML and SCORM, but can't come up with much more.  Any help would be great.

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Nicole Legault

Hi Joe! What a great question... Maybe you can ask questions like:

  • How do you effectively communicate questions or changes from the storyboard with the ID or stakeholders?
  • Can you think through and create your own interactions and activities, or must all content be 100% instructionally designed for you?
  • what are some examples of the most engaging  types of interactions or activities you've created. 

Just a few ideas!