Template when launching ecourses

Oct 20, 2014

Does anyone have a template they could share on how they announced the launch of their ecourses?

What things would you have done better after the fact?  How did you announce it?

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Nicola Redfearn

I don't really have a template, i like things to look fresh each time.  Sometimes I do a graphic that will be emailed to general users and sometimes I do a longer memo style or email release that goes onto the company website, or gets emailed to targeted users.

The graphic usually has a key image from the course.  Then then name of the course with "Now Available" at the top.  Then a very brief summary of who the course is for and what they will learn.  Then a link with how to access.  Probably no bigger than 400 x 400 pixels.

the aim is something visually appealing that communicates top line information quickly and easily.

The memo style is similar but longer.  I go into more detail about the purpose of the course, why it was created, who it is for, the learning objectives and who sponsors it, and who in the business created it.  For big launches we have a paragraph or the whole message written by a senior exec explaining the purpose of it and why it is important.  If there is a deadline to completion that also gets mentioned.

Ask includes how to access and who to contact if having problems.  The memo shows either graphics or screenshots from the course too.

Feel free to post any ideas if you want some help refining them.

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