The best way to cover large quantity of terminology

I am looking for some ideas. My employer wants me to take roughly 250 words/terms and create "Training" behind them. Other than a dictionary were I list them and add the definition, I am really drawing a black on what to do to make it less boring and lengthy. I have example pictures for every term, so I thought about just adding them to an articulate file but It would be huge. Any other ideas? It has to be something that can be accessed online in some type of e-course format.

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Sarah Hodge

Hi Martha! Can you share more about the objective behind this project? Will this be something people reference at the company when they need to look up what a word means? If so, sometimes, the simple route of making a glossary is the easiest way for people to access and reference the exact information they need when they need it without having to sift through an entire course to find a definition. Here are a few glossary examples for reference:

I hope that helps! If you're looking to create an interactive course around definitions, perhaps the community has examples or ideas they can share. 

Angie Branum

What if you presented several scenario-based discussions where either the "narrator" or one of the "characters" said several of the words in context each time they spoke? Each word could be underlined, and when clicked on, the actual definition would appear. The number of scenarios and conversation points would depend on how much you could (realistically) get into a discussion between characters.

I think learners would be more apt to learn terminology, if it were presented in context. Then there are many ways to review and test on on the content, such as a few drag and match interactions, flashcard interactions, etc.