The oddest e-learning course title you've seen is:

Mar 07, 2012

The polls are still open for this year's Diagram Prize.  The Diagram Prize is an annual celebration of the "oddest book titles."

Previous winners include:

  • The Joy of Chickens
  • Highlights in the History of Concrete
  • Greek Rural Postmen and Their Cancellation Numbers

I know I've seen some odd e-learning course--I've even built a few myself--but I can't say I know of too many crazy course titles. What about you?

What are some crazy, off-beat or odd course titles have you come across?  If you don't know of any, why don't you make up a few? 

UPDATE: 2014 Winners Announced

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Eric Nalian

I am going to be starting a course soon that is going to be called 'Getting Down and Dirty with Water'. Another one that I will be doing is 'A Pre-Owned it "Worth" it'

I am in the process of converting courses on our Operations and Sales Policies/Procedures to eLearning, and we are getting as creative with the names as possible.  Currently, they are all called 'Operations Manual Chapter 1'

Owen Peery

I was interviewing with a company, they wanted to show me some examples of their work. One title I saw was, "Regulatory Compliance can be fun!"

I asked what that was about, they said that since they were a medical center, many of their courses were about compliance, many learners just clicked fast through them to get the course over with so they created a course just to convince learners that actually doing the course could be fun.

Since 99% of their courses were about regulatory compliance I decided not to pursue the job, it sounds like dull uninteresting work, but perhaps it could be fun.

Kelly Meeker
David Steffek

I developed a performance support tool offically called the ERS Eligible Vehicles App. Striving for a more memorable title, I seized upon the acronym EEVA (pronounced EVE-ah).

I so desperately want the program icon to be a certain white robot from a certain popular Pixar movie, but I fear the Disney lawyers would be upon me faster than Mo cleans up dirty tread tracks!

Dave Neuweiler

There's an artistic aspect to producing e-learning, which to me is one of its attractions. Often, artists get inspiration from other artists... so why not tap into that?

For example, here are a few titles (these really are real) from the world of country music:

I Went Back to My Fourth Wife for the Third Time and Gave Her a Second Chance to Make a First Class Fool Out of Me

I Just Bought A Car From The Guy That Stole My Girl, But The Car Don't Run So I Figure We Got An Even Deal

When You Wrapped My Lunch In A Road Map, I Knew You Meant Goodbye

I'm Just A Bug On The Windshield Of Life





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