The VR problem (360 degree video, rectilinear video) and possible solutions?

Oct 17, 2019

Hey all-

To make a very long story short, I was asked to create a 360 degree video proof-of-concept for our executives. We got a Gopro Fusion, shot a demo, and I was easily able to edit it in rectilinear format in Adobe Premiere CC. The problem came when I was trying to find a secure way to get it to play on their phones. Can't use something like an unlisted Youtube link because we're an FDA regulated med device company. Tried to use our LMS (Saba Cloud) to do it, but they recompressed it and the video quality was TERRIBLE. (Their file size was actually bigger than my original output file size but about half quality). Also, it wouldn't play properly on an iPhone but was fine on Android. I tried multiple free apps and a few paid ones, tried to load the video file off Sharepoint, tried Microsoft Stream, pretty much any tool we had in-house with no luck.

To answer questions about why we would want to make this work, we are a global business with some very unique products. Here are some of the many use cases we have:

  • Global onboarding manufacturing site tour for new employees
  • Employee factory floor safety training
  • Employee factory floor work instruction
  • Doctor medical device use training
  • Sales coaching and training scenarios and roleplays
  • Manager coaching scenarios
  • Diversity and inclusion scenarios
  • This list goes on and on.

So the question is, has anyone had luck getting rectilinear video to play on a phone using a SCORM pacakge? Preferably in a way that's device agnostic? Maybe there's a player template we could try?

Most people today have phones, and we're seeing more and more adoption of our LMS app. For our manufacturing facilities we have training rooms, and maybe eventually we could equip those with something like Oculus Go headsets.

I can see this being a big need in the future and I was just very surprised that most of the business-grade tools were far behind the consumer-grade ones.

Thanks, sorry for the rant!

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