Timeline cue points - does anyone use them?

Sep 01, 2016

Hi all,

I wondered if anyone using Storyline 2 has used the cue points at all? I have used all of the cool features of Storyline 2 (motion paths, etc) but cue points haven't really given me anything useful. I get that you can set trigger points against them, but surely you can just set trigger points against any time in the timeline? I'd love to know how to use them effectively, or see what other people have done with them. 



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Tony Jones

I use cue-points, as opposed to time-based triggers, as they're easy to change if you need to alter your timings. All you need to do is drag the cue-point(s) to the new location(s), as opposed to changing the time on each individual trigger.

They're also useful as a visual guide when developing, as you can see where a cue-point is in relation to where items appear on the timeline - something not possible with time-based triggers.

Dave Cox

I have a requirement to enable the next button about a second before the timeline ends. Since I have to do this on every slide, it is easier to set a cue point and trigger on the cue point than set the time individually for each slide. Then I can just slide the cue point to update the trigger time as I need, and I have a visual cue where I can see if my trigger is at the correct location on the timeline.

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