Tips (articles, books) about Working With SME's and Project Management

Dec 03, 2014


I would like any suggestions that you have on working with SME's and Project Management.  If you know of any books or articles that I could read on the topic that would be great.


Here is the back story, if you have time to read it:

I started my first instructional design job back in July at a state agency in HR.

I was given a project by my supervisor to create approx. 10 modules explaining HR policies and processes to new HR Reps. (I am new to State government and to HR.) 

I wasn't given a lot of information as to how to go about doing this project, because this has never been done before, so no one is really sure how this will play out.  I also wasn't given an end date.

Anyway, the problem I am having is:  I meet with SME's and use the info. that they gave me BUT  it seems like when I show the SME's  what I think is the completed module (with audio), more changes are needed, and they need to look at again, and then more changes (including audio)......  Then afterwards, my supervisor will look at the module and make more changes.  It seems like a vicious cycle. 

Though my project doesnt have an end date, I get stressed because I feel like I am spinning my wheels.  My supervisor so far is pleased with my work and work process, but I feel there has got to be away to be more effective.  Can you point me to a book or an article that would help me???  Thank you!!!


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Nicola Appel

One of the big issues I've faced when working with SMEs is that ultimately, they had the "content/knowledge" expertise and I had the the "learning structure" and/or "packaging" expertise. I found that teaching the SMEs early on about the basics of adult learning, writing good objectives, action oriented learning, etc. went a long way towards avoiding or at least minimizing some of the headaches you mentioned. Think of it as a crash course on learning design that sometimes even includes teaching them the basics of PowerPoint functionality.

You might want to get a copy of "Telling Ain't Training" and require them to read it.  Turn your SMEs into your design team! (or minions, as I like to call them)

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