Top 2 things you do when working with Subject Matter Experts

Hello articulaters,

I'm pretty new to ID and I've been struggling with my current SMEs on a recent e-learning build. So I'm being brave and asking you guys (ie experienced course developers) to share your experience. What are your 2 top tips on how you build and manage the SME/ID relationship? I will compile the answers into a blog or document and share it coz I figure it will be a good resource for other beginner Instructional Designers.

I've just downloaded 'The Essential Guide to Working with SMEs" so I shall go and make a cup of tea and have a read. I suspect however that there's nothing like my not-so-great experience to shift me up a notch for my next project. Mostly the problem is I don't know what I don't know ... though I'm finding out pretty quickly! 

Peggy Hailstone

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Sarah Hodge

Hey Peggy! Thanks for posting your question here. I just wrote an article on that very topic and included 3 downloads to help build a collaborative partnership with SMEs.

The Essential Guide to Working with SMEs (that you mentioned) also has some valuable info. I hope those resources help!