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Jeff Kortenbosch

Hi Kim,

Good question. What I think is most important to me, in random order, is:

  • The tool has to be intuitive, easy to work with. If it is a challenge to get things done, I won't use it.
  • The tool has to meet my needs and ideally beyond so it can grow with me as my skills grow.
  • The tool has the be a high quality and industry standard product. This way I know that they'll evolve with the industry and can be used to develop training materials internally as well as externally.
  • The tool has to have good support as you are bound to into some issues
Nicole Legault

Hey Kim!

I'm reviving this discussion because I think it's a really good topic and I'm interested in hearing from others on this...

Jeff I really like your answers and would second quite a few of those.

Here's what would be most important for me, personally, in an e-learning authoring tool:

  • Lots of control over visuals and ability to customize the look as much as I want
  • Lots of control over navigation options
  • Ease of use of interface
  • Speed of development with the tool
  • Amount of help and support available, and how quickly it's available.

Those are my top 5, in no particular order!